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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The "Hof" ( we are going to call it that because Hofbrauhaus is way to hard to say and spell) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada across from the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino off from Harmon Avenue. Its a German Ale House with a great Bavarian menu.
The Hof has family style seating which basically means bring your Family or if you don't have a family to bring, prepare to be introduced to a replacement family for your meal. As luck would have it, Simone and I went for lunch around 2:00pm and the place was almost empty so we didn't have to worry about being social with the sin city natives.
After much analyzing of the menu we decided to start with the "Obatzer" appetizer. Lucky for my waitress she didn't have to worry about my total butchering of the German language as there were numbers that went along with each menu item for ease of translation. The "Obtazer" is a hand made warm German pretzel served with a Brie Cheese and Buttered Onion Dip. The dip was rich and creamy and totally went with the pretzel. There was dip left over after the pretzel was gone so the wife and I very elegantly stuck the rest on top of our knives and proceeded to stick it down our throats. Although the choking seemed to be distracting to the other guests we definitely enjoyed our appetizer down to the last knife full.

For the entrees Simone ordered the "Allgaur Kasespatzle". It was a German style Mac and Cheese made with mini German Spaetzle dumplings, Swiss, Brie, and again, those luscious buttered onions. It was creamy and rich with just the right amount of onion flavor. Although Simone could not finish it, due to the earlier appetizer gluttony, i gladly helped her out. For my own entree i choose the "Nurnberger Rostbratwurst". The dish consisted of 3 grilled Bratwurst resting on a bed of fresh sauerkraut and mashed potatoes with a beer gravy. The flavors went together perfectly and complimented each other well. The Potatoes were creamy with a hint of Garlic , the brats were seasoned perfectly, and the sauerkraut was just sour enough but didn't overpower the dish. I completely cleaned the plate and also finished off my side of fluffy spaetzle drizzled in butter and parsley.

My only regret about this meal is I had no more room in the stomach for German beer or dessert. I will definitely try some when I come back during my next Vegas Visit. This was excellent food in a great and fun setting off from the Vegas Strip. Four Diamonds for The Hof.♦♦♦♦

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