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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Muddy Rudder- Yarmouth Maine

I have passed by the Muddy Rudder on the border of Freeport and Yarmouth Maine a million times on my way to and from Portland, but have never stopped as I never really figured id like it do to being known as a seafood lovers place. However ,I had a Portland Dine Around Club coupon so I figured id give it a try for brunch on a cold Sunday morning in April when I couldnt find anyplace in Portland that didn't have an hours wait. Simone and I arrived at around 11:00am and the place was strangely empty. This is always a concern for me, but I have been driving by many a time in the summer when the parking lot is full so I figure it is more of a reflection of the time of year then the food quality.

Upon arrviving the (very cute) hostess sat us at a table with a nice view of the marshy waterfront and then the (very cute) waitress brought us some waters, coffee and menus. Simone tried the Creme Brule French Toast with a side of Bacon and I was convinced by our (very cute) waitress to try the days special Monte Cristo Sandwich. I hesitated a bit on my choice as I do not usually like Monte Cristos that much.

 I usually get ones with Deli Turkey, Deli Ham and thin somewhat soggy bread. This one however exceed all my expectations. This was real moist and tender Roasted Turkey, sliced about 1/4th of an inch thick , piled high with crispy bacon and a generous amount of Swiss. The bread was nice large thick cut french toast bread that was dipped in a cinnamon egg batter and grilled crispy on the outside and moist but not soggy on the inside. The sandwich was huge and delicious, the best Monte Cristo I can remember having. It came with hash brown casserole that was not as good as the sandwich. The hash browns were overpowered in the dish by the onions and it lacked some salt and pepper. I ate them but they could have been better.

Simone's Creme Brule French Toast also exceeded our expectations. Thick Cut French Toast Egg battered thick slices of french bread were grilled, then topped with Sugar and carmelized until golden brown. They looked prettier then the (very cute) waitress that served them and tasted sinfully sweet. Simone also ordered a side of bacon which could have been a bit crispier. In what can only be described as genius, she took some Bacon and wedged it between the french toast slices dipped it in syrup and made mini salty and sweet breakfast sliders. YUM. With the amounts of food we were able to bring some french toast home for another meal. However, we were not able to bring the (very cute) waitress home therefor we will be back for more trips in the future. The Muddy Rudder was an unexpected find. Four stars

The Pointe Afta-Winslow Maine

 The Pointe Afta bar and restaurant  is located on 252 China Road in Winslow, Maine. It has been around for longer then I can remember and over the past few years I have come to love the atmosphere, the people and the food. This is not your clean cut, spotless classy neighborhood restaurant. In fact I'll be up front in saying the outside has seen better days and the restrooms could use some TLC. But when you walk through the door you are immediately taken back to a time when you could go to your favorite spot to watch the game on the TV with your friends over a cold beer (or twelve) and talk about the old times. There is New England sports memorabilia all over the walls, arcade games, a couple different rooms for functions and an outdoor patio. Another great thing about this place is Stan, the owner who always chats it up with customers and keeps watch over his business each and everyday (I never have seen him in the evenings for some reason). Once you get to know Stan you will always feel welcomed at his bar. So what about the food ? Its consistently good bar food essentials such as wings, nachos and mozzarella sticks along with a huge selection of burgers and sandwiches named after local New England and Maine athletes and coaches.

My suggestion would be the Scott Wood. This is my go to hot baked sandwich, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Mozzarella, mushrooms and Mayo. The melted cheese, the gooey tangy mayonnaise, the sweet Teriyaki and smokey grilled chicken are a delicious combination. On the side you can't go wrong with spicy curly fries or onion rings (not homemade but always crispy). On this trip, Simone and I discovered a new favorite- Buffalo Chips.

A potato take on the classic Buffalo style wing. House made thick cut potato chips are served extra crunchy topped with melted Monterrey Jack cheese, bacon bits, Blue Cheese, Ranch Dressing and Hot Sauce. These are dirty because they will remind you of great sex, hot, messy and you'll be wanting more. These are a meal by themselves ( which would be good to know before you order your meal). After finishing a delicious dirty plate of these addictive chips we ended up having to take most of entrees home. Simone ordered a sandwich special consisting of Grilled Chicken Breast, Bacon, Swiss and Honey Mustard on Foccacia.

This sandwich was basic but well prepared and although Simone could only eat a quarter of it after all the chips it was enjoyed again for dinner along with the remainder of my Scott Wood sandwich. I would recommend The Pointe Afta to all of you. There is a reason it has been in business forever. Good Service, Good Atmosphere, Good Food and cold beer adds up to 4 stars and many return visits.