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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gilleys Las Vegas- TI Hotel and Casino

Gilleys used to be located at The New Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas before the place got demolished to dust.  In those days Gilleys featured not only a mechanical bull but also bikini mud wrestling. Cold Beer and Dirty Girls was the mantra and it was a trip to remember.
 So my excitement was peaked when i found out that the place had relocated to the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.  However my excitement was short lived ( as was my peak) when i found out that the dirty girls wrestling in the mud had been replaced with senior citizens line dancing the night away. The term "titty alert" which had been used at many a mud wrestling events to describe a fighters wardrobe malfunction had turned into a "old bitty alert". To add insult to injury , the only person riding a bull was a thirty something year old male misfit from Brokeback Mountain. So with a broken spirit i had the hostess find the wife and I a table.  She was nice enough to sit us in a spot that overlooked the Vegas Strip, nice, but still not mud wrestling.

Gilleys specializes in BBQ and has always done a good job at it.  After reviewing the menu Simone and I started with Sweet Potato Fries served with molasses ketchup and a maple marshmallow dipping sauce. For some odd reason the marshmallow sauce was a light green ( i dare not ask why). It worked well with the crispy fries and probably would have worked just as well with a peanut butter sandwich.  The molasses ketchup was also good and Simone and I finished it all. For our Entrees Simone tried the house chili. It was average and light on the spice, and reminded me more of spaghetti sauce then it did chili.  I probably could have made some at my own house for a fraction of the cost and it would have been much better and i at least would have served it with some chips. For my own entree,  I choose the Classic Pulled Pork Sandwich. It was a huge portion of pulled pork piled high on a garlic toasted bun topped with creamy coleslaw. The pork was smoked perfectly and had great flavor and moistness.  However this did cause the bun below to quickly get soggy which was disappointing because the bun was very good before it turned to mush.  The fries that the sandwich was served with were some of the best i have had in a long time. They were super thin and super crispy and may have been the highlight of the plate.
Overall this version of Gilleys left me a little dissapointed. It still serves great BBQ ( and good fries) but the other offerings were lacking in flavor. I still prefer the Dirty Girls and Cold Beer days of old. I hope that some day the mudd will return and Gilleys will once again be a little more country and a little more dirty. Only two diamonds for this once great place.♦♦

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