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Monday, October 4, 2010



I'm Back from Vegas with plenty to report. The first culinary adventure I had was on the way to the airport when our vacation began. I saw this place from the interstate and the word NAKED somehow caught my eye,
We quickly got off the nearest exit and the first thing i noticed when we drove into the parking lot was the authentic smell of real smokers burning in the back. This was REAL BBQ. The second thing I noticed when we entered the building was that the hostess was not naked, nor was anyone else. Apparently "naked" was the term for the smoked BBQ at the place which has no sauce, just a dry rub. You add your own sauce at the table, So needless to say the only naked breast I saw was of the shredded chicken variety on top of Simones salad.
The menu at Bucks is extensive. It ranges from the classic ribs and pulled pork to the more unique fried sausage or prime rib nuggets. For the appetizer, Simone (aka "The Wife") and I decided to split the Fried Prime Rib Nuggets and a small order of Smoked Blueberry BBQ Chicken Wings. The nuggets arrived first and they were a huge portion- I would say cut from a 12-16oz prime rib. They were super crispy on the outside with a thick cornmeal breading but were still medium rare, and tender when you bite into them. They were served with a horseradish sauce similar to the sauce that is sometimes served with Bloomin Onions. While not a favorite of mine, I imagine that a lot of people would enjoy it. I instead opted to try my nuggets with the 4 homemade BBQ sauces that Bucks offers ( award winning it says on the sign !) and it was a winning combination. Next up were the Blueberry BBQ wings. These wings go through a complicated process before making it to the table but the work of the kitchen is awarded in the taste. The wings are rubbed with Bucks dry rub, then smoked, then deep fried and then tossed in Blueberry BBQ sauce. Although not as sweet as one may think, they were unique and delicious and were still juicy. I think the term "Finger Lickin, Blueberry Pickin Good" would some these up nicely.
Next up, our entrees. Simone and I both opted to go with some salads ( I know salad- is not an entree but it was lunch and I was the one ordering the damn food so deal with it). Simone went for a salad that had pulled chicken, pears, walnuts, house vinaigrette and a full cows worth of blue cheese. Simone and I both thought that the chicken was dry and that a little bit of blue cheese goes a long ways. I ordered a warm Collard Greens salad with pulled pork. When it arrived I noticed that there was a lot more greens then there was pork to which my loving sweet wife said "well Andy, it is a salad". Thank you Simone. The greens were as they should be, slow simmered and tender, with a bit of bitterness and a smokey flavor. Although not my favorite things in the world they were still pretty good. However the pork on top was cooked perfectly. It had a great pink color and was moist and flavorful. I topped the pork with some of the various BBQ sauces and it was very good. The dish was served with a side of cornbread that was average but not spectacular. Overall i enjoyed the appetizers more then the meal, but i would still recommend you try Bucks for some real BBQ in Maine, I give 3 out of 5 diamonds for this place. ♦♦♦

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