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Thursday, October 7, 2010


 The minute you walk through the front door and see the slot machines and pink neon lights you just know that you are in for a classic Vegas experience. The Peppermill has been on the north end of the Vegas strip for over thirty years. Many a casino has come and gone in those years but the Peppermill and the adjacent Firseide Lounge has survived.  It is well known for its neon glow, its cute car hop uniformed waitresses and its huge food portions.
 You don't need to worry about the time of day because the Peppermill is open 24 hours and serves Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner anytime. This makes it a perfect late night stop or the place to cure your morning after hangover. For Simone and I, it was the hangover cure, and we arrived mid morning and were immediately seated.  After looking over the waitress, I mean menu, I decided to order the Reuben Sandwich and French Fries. Simone decided to go for the Breakfast menu and ordered a spinach, feta and tomato omelete with hash browns and a Bran Muffin.

My Reuben arrived first and it was massive. In fact, it was a club sandwich with three grilled and buttery homemade slices of Rye bread. Between the first two slices of bread was a heaping mound of fresh sauerkraut with gooey melted Swiss and house made thousand island dressing. The kraut was marinated perfectly with the flavor of whole caraway seeds and was excellent as the bed for the thinly sliced pound or so of grilled pastrami which was piled high on the next layer of rye bread with more melted Swiss. This was the holy grail of sandwiches and I amazingly finished the entire thing. The fries were a little to thick cut for my taste but were still fried crisp and were a good side to my sandwich. 

Simones omelet was almost equal in size to my sandwich . It was packed full of spinach , cheese and tomatoes and even had some surprise hash browns mixed in with it ( hopefully not left over on the grill from the day before). Simone was a light weight and only downed about 1/4 of her monster meal. The hash browns that came with the omelet were grated fresh and were grilled crispy on the outside and tender in the middle, just the way they should be and i gladly helped Simone finish them.  The bran muffin also had good flavor and was nice, fresh and moist.

The Peppermill is a great experience. Come hungry, because there is plenty to eat and you will want to finish it all.  A great Las Vegas landmark, it is not to be missed. 4 out of 5 for the Peppermill ****


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