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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sam Lagrassa's- Boston Mass

I am here to report, that everything you have heard in the food reviews and watched on TV shows is true. Sam LaGrassa's is for real.  I decided to go to this Boston deli located close to the theater district, when I saw it on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on the Food Network and then researched it on yelp. While on a weekend getaway in Boston with the wife I decided to give it a try. I had read about the huge lines that usually form at Sams   ( which is only open for lunch Mon-Fri) and decided to go after the lunch Break working crowds.

 My plan worked and when we arrived there were only about ten people
in front of us. Amazingly it only took about two minutes until we arrived at the front of the order counter where the now infamous owner was waiting for us. We barely had enough time to figure out what we wanted but I decided to order the Corn/Beef and Pastrami on Rye Sandwich Platter with Fries and Slaw.

Simone went with a vegetarian Portabello, Cheese and Pesto Sandwich.  I ordered my Sandwich and watched as about thirty pounds of house cured Beef and Pastrami was thinly sliced on the slicer and then slapped down quickly on homemade rye, topped with slaw and another slice of rye and quickly cut just in time to join the straight from the fryer french fries. The whole process took about 30 seconds and four people...amazing. Simone's sandwich took a few more minutes to prepare as hers was toasted in the Panini Press.
While they cooked her sandwich we found a seat with a street view and sat back and watched the sandwich magic continue. These guys operate behind the counter like a fine oiled machine and its entertaining to see. My sandwich was great, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Swiss, Slaw and Tangy Russian Dressing. Sams Corned Beef and Pastrami is described as Rumainian...whatever region of the earth it is from does not just going to call it friggin good.  The Slaw is also good , although not as creamy as I like and a little heavy in celery seed. The bread is made fresh daily and you can taste it. The Rye was excellent and laced with  plenty of seeds.My sandwich was huge but It was so good I couldn't help but finish it.

Simone's sandwich was also very good. Like almost everything at Sams, the Pesto is nothing short of perfection, especially if you are a garlic lover as it is pretty heavy in it. The sandwich was stacked high with Monteray Jack Cheese and Portabellos which also had a good amount of Garlic in them.  This may not be the best sandwich choice for a first date, but after 5 years of marriage my loving wife was not concerned with the abundance of Garlic. On a side note, after you have eaten at Sam's, take the long walk up two flights of stairs to get to the restrooms. Do this up and down a few times, and you will have worked off enough calories for maybe another sandwich !  Overall we ate great meal and had a great experience at Sam Lagrassa. Although it has had its share amount of fame, it still holds true to its neighborhood deli feel and it is truly a great sandwich. 4.5 stars. 

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