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Sunday, April 8, 2012

JJs Eatery Too-Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Have you ever gone to the beach in early March in the state of Maine and then tried to find a bathroom? Unless you want to wait in line with twenty five or so disease invested teenagers then its virtually impossible. This is how my story of JJs Eatery 2 in Old Orchard Beach Maine begins. It was a rare 80 degree day in early spring and Simone and I just had to go....and JJs located right alongside the railroad crossing in OOB was open for Business (mine and theirs).  It is actually one of the only places open year round, and although from the outside it may not be the most inviting, the inside was clean and the people are friendly. After enjoying the pristine clean restrooms we felt obligated to eat something so we sat down and looked over the menus. Nothing on the menu will really grab you attention. It is basic bar food with lots of to be expected fried fish options. However the Turkey Vegetable Soup grabbed Simones attention and a Pork Quesadilla on special looked good to me. The food did not take long to arrive.  The Soup was served in a coffee mug or bowl and included fresh pulled dark and white meat turkey and large diced turkey, carrots and onion in a turkey broth. Simple and yet very well seasoned and tasty and Simone enjoyed it.  

My Quesadilla was also pretty good and grilled crispy.  It was loaded with diced roasted pork (I would have liked pulled better), a generous amount of mozzarella, tender apples, crisp smokey bacon and well caramelized sweet onions. They offered sour cream and salsa on the side but with this Quesadilla it was not really needed. Overall, this was a good choice for a decent meal in OOB when most other places are closed. The bathrooms and restaurant are clean, the staff is friendly and the food will not wow you, but it definitely will hit the spot. 3.5 stars for JJs Eatery 2 

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