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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Rockin Diner- Rochester, New Hampshire


Another day another Diner. I just love these kind of places. Retro decor, classic comfort foods. Diners are just good old fashioned fun. With this in mind Simone and I on a recent getaway decided to try out the Rockin Diner on 77 Farmington Road in Rochester, New Hampshire. The joint was easy to find- it was across the parking lot of our Hotel and it was blindingly decked out in shiny chrome silver and pink.

We arrived for dinner and were basically the only people there. This troubled me a bit. Diners are supposed to be packed with friends and neighbors and old men sitting at bar stools drinking coffee and talking about the old days. The only conversation going on here was by the three waitress that seemed to be looking for something to do. We were escorted to our seats by one of them and then another one came over to take our drink orders.

The waitress we had was absolutely full of no personality. While we inconvenienced her with our drinks we looked over the menu. I thought the Meatloaf sounded good and Simone must have agreed because she decided to get the same thing. After ordering the meatloaf I had to use the boys room. It was then that I noticed some very good sounding specials written on a chalkboard.
Hmm... I guess the waitress decided I didn't need to know those.

After a few minutes our Meatloaf arrived. Simone had hers with mashed potatoes and mine came with French Fries. Both of us had green beans on the side.  I have to say that the Meatloaf was very good, It was moist and had a beefy onion flavor and was topped with a nice creamy gravy. My fries were thin and crispy and I enjoyed sopping up my gravy with them. Simone's potatoes were also good, and our green beans were soft and buttery. This was a classic meal.

Not that the waitress cared to ask but we decided to order dessert anyway. Simone and I each had cheesecake. Simone decided to have the Pecan Bourbon Cheesecake and I went with the Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake. Simone Cheesecake looked impressive but lacked a little flavor and was kinda disappointing. My cheesecake tasted as good as it looked and was a nice way to end to my meal.

So, overall I wish that the Rockin Diner had been a little more rockin. The decor was fun and the food was good but the service was just average.  Three stars for The Rockin Diner.

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  1. my husband an I have eaten at the rockin dine quite a lot is good some of the waitresses are social .But yes there is always a we were out doing errands an stopped by to have some lunch ,got to the door to find the place closed a sign on the door said closes at 2pm every day except the week end .well that trashes the idea of some evening going out to supper .This was our favorite place to eat ,guess we will have to shop around