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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Common Man - Concord, NH

The Common Man is a New Hampshire family of restaurant's. We ate at the Concord location by the process of elimination when on a Sunday night we discovered that every restaurant we wanted to eat at in the downtown area was closed.

The restaurant looks as though it used to be in old Bed and Breakfast. It is large and nostalgic on the outside and has two floors and lots of side rooms for plenty of seating area once you get inside. The restaurant was busy when we arrived but we found a seat on the second level bar and grill area.  The menu looked great and it was hard to decide on any particular item as they all sounded so good. While we mulled it over Simone visited the cheese and cracker display.  This is a great idea, local cheese's and spreads with simple buttery crackers that you can just help yourself to as a free pre-meal appetizer.

Speaking of appetizers... after much debate we started with the Meatball Sliders. Pork and Beef Meatballs served open faced on nice thick garlic basted slices of toasted French Bread crostini, topped with Fresh Marinara and shaved Parmesan. The bread was perfectly crunchy without being dry, and the meatballs were flavorful and tender. This was a nice satisfying twist on the classic sliders.

For the entree we decided that we would try the special of the night. Potato Chip Pizza, that I could witness being made in the open kitchen area beside our table. The chef started by frying fresh thin sliced potatoes. While those were going he layed out a wafer thin flat bread pizza crust and topped it with a white cream sauce base. When the potatoes were done frying he piled them high on the crust and then smashed the living crap out of them with a paper towel (this was getting exciting). After demolishing the chips he topped the pizza with shredded cheese, loads of fresh bacon bits and even more crumbled Blue cheese.

It all then got placed into the oven and after ten minutes it came out perfectly browned and crispy. The pie absolutely tasted as good as it looked. A cross between Potato Skins and Pizza, it was delicious and filling. Under all the cheese and bacon , the chips somehow remained crisp, adding a great crunch to the melted cheesy goodness.

The Common Man provided us a uncommonly good meal. Thank God everywhere else was closed because we would have missed this experience. Next time you are in New Hampshire, take the time to find one of their many locations, it will be well worth it. 4.5 stars for the Common Man.

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