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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Black Diamond Steakhouse- Newry Maine

My wife and I only went to the Black Diamond Steakhouse on the Sunday River Rd in Newry Maine, when our first choice ended up being closed for a special event and we ended up being happy that we did. It was the weekend of the Tough Mountain Challenge at Sunday River ski resort so everywhere in town was busy. The Black Diamond Steakhouse was no different but only being a party of two we were seated almost immediately when we arrived. Looking around the dining room you see lots of ski memorabilia on the walls and a huge moose head on the wall...WELCOME TO MAINE ! The staff was in (somewhat) organized chaos and the manager was very busy busing tables, seating people, bringing out food and pouring drinks. It looked as though the Black Diamond was very undermanned for the amount of people that were eating but they certainly get an A for effort. As far as the food goes, if you like the classic steakhouse menu then you're going to like it. If your a food yuppie and prefer your food fancy with ingredients that you can't pronounce then pass on by. For an appetizer we had fresh cut french fries topped with gravy.

 The fries and gravy were good but the portion a little small and we finished them in abut 30 seconds. Simone went veg head with her meal and ordered a portabello mushroom cap stuffed with boursin cheese and topped with breadcrumbs.

 I had the Chicken Cordon Blu , both meals came with the salad of your choosing, a diner roll, vegetable of the day and a choice of starch. For our starch we ordered the Rice Pilaf. My chicken was fresh prepared and perfectly moist. Stuffed full with ham and Swiss, It was not breaded like some Cordon Blu, so you can even claim it was healthier. The rice was fluffy and nutty due to the toasted orzo. It was a perfect pilaf.

The green beans on the side were tender but not overcooked and the dinner roll was light and fresh tasting. Simone and I both enjoyed our meals and cleaned the plates. We had received a coupon for a free dessert from the hotel we were staying at so we could not pass up the classic Brownie a la mode. A nice hunk of a rich brownie topped with classic vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, chopped nuts and whipped cream. It was just as mom would have made had she loved me as much as she claims. Overall this was just a simple comforting meal. There was no wow factor but one wasn't needed. It was a good and satisfying meal. The service under the circumstances was also very good and we could not have asked for much more. 4 stars for the Black Diamond Steakhouse,

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