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Monday, December 26, 2011

Du-par's- Las Vegas
This Du-par's is located at the Golden Gate Casino in historic downtown Freemont Street in Las Vegas. It is tucked away in a corner off from the casino floor, and if you can find it then its worth the search. I don't often recommend eating at a downtown casino however go ahead and give this a try. Du-par's has been operating in military like fashion since the stone age. The staff has been around the same amount of time, but they are true professionals and we were well taken care of.

When we first walked in to the large retro style dining area at 5:00pm we were one of only a hand full of customers. One elderly man was just leaving and as he passed by and smiled he gave us an ominous warning "Stay away from the beef stew".  I'm not entirely sure if he was serious but we took his word for it and looked beyond that particular item. Simone ordered herself a pretty basic Roasted Turkey Sandwich on Wheat Bread. The Turkey was a bit dry but was nicely seasoned and thick hand sliced. The bread was good and the Lettuce and Tomato were Fresh. The french fries that came along side it were crispy and very good. Simone also ordered a side of Ranch for her sandwich.

I ordered the classic diner entree. Chicken Fried Steak. A ten ounce sirloin was pounded thin, thickly coated with seasoned flour and then fried to crunchy perfection. It was melt in your mouth tender and not greasy like I expected. It was served with rich and creamy Mashed Potatoes and very buttery delicious roasted vegetables. The potatoes and steak were both drowned in a thick stick to your arteries white peppery cream gravy. It even came with a fresh baked dinner roll for mopping up any leftovers.  This was a huge meal and altogether completely satisfying.

In typical diner fashion the dessert menu was loaded with pies and pastries just begging to be eaten. At Du-pars , they further entice you by displaying all pies directly above the bar stool counter. We decided to try a slice of the sweet Pecan Pie of course topped with Vanilla Ice Cream. The crust was perfectly flaky and buttery and we finished every last bite. So don't be scared off by its location ( or its beef stew) stop in and give Du-par's a chance. Its a great satisfying and filling meal at a pretty good price. 4 stars.

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