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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yellow Dog Eats- Windermere, Florida

Yellow Dog Eats is in Windermere, Florida - only about a ten minute drive from Disney. However, even if it was 100 miles away it wouldn't matter because it would be worth the drive. I researched this place on tripadvisor and I'm so glad I did.

Yellow Dog Eats is located along the road of what looks to be a a retirement community. It is located across from an old church and the waitress says when the church clears out the place really starts hoppin. I don't know if church had just let out when I went there but I can report that there was one holy hell of a line out the door.  I had been driving around for an hour trying to find the place so I was ready to wait out the line and try some of the mouth watering BBQ that I was smelling in the air. The ten thousand people in front of us were very nice and began handing out menu's to those of us outside waiting so when we got to the front of the line we were ready to place our order with the girl at the counter. The girl at the counter was more then eager to take our order, ask us where we were from, ask us how we had found Yellow Dog and talk with us for as long as we wanted ( not sure if the people behind us enjoyed this or not). She also explained the special salads ( called scobby snacks) of the day and explained to us the three different areas that we could eat, downstairs , upstairs, or outside. When our order was ready she'd call us by whatever name we chose ( I chose my own) and then she sent us on our way with a really good looking (and tasting)  Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Pesto Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Simone and I chose to eat upstairs because it looked like the least crowded of all the areas. The tables, the walls, the chairs and the bathroom are all written and carved on at Yellow Dog Eats by customers that have visited, so you can really do a lot of reading while you wait for your meal. Amazingly the meal arrived pretty quickly. For my meal I choose the Fire Pig because it just sounded cool. The Fire Pig is an over sized Chipotle tortilla wrap filled with made in house tender smoked pulled pork laced with citrus BBQ sauce with crispy diced apple wood bacon bits, melted Gouda cheese, creamy coleslaw, spicy siracha sauce and fried onions. And it may be the mecca of all things BBQ. Amazing and delicious, it was the perfect blend of  sweet, spicy, smokey, savory and everything in between. It was heaven on a plate.

Simones choice, the Club Elvis was equally as amazing. Probably because it was basically the same thing as mine, but without the spicy siracha sauce and it was served on a bun instead of a wrap. This sandwich was so good that against her better judgement , Simone finished all 5 pounds of the thing. And with that both our plates were clean and the destruction was done.

To top of the meal we decided to grab a slice of cake and a cupcake for the road. Not realizing that a slice was the exact size of an eighteen wheeler ( the box cover would not even close), we took one bite in the car and brought the rest back to our hotel room. The cake was moist and delicious and remained that way for the next three days it took to finish it. You have just got to try Yellow Dog Eats. If you love BBQ you will not be disappointed. If you don't like BBQ , then you will after this. A great atmosphere with even better food. Yellow Dog Eats, Five Stars *****

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