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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cappza's Pizza- Waterville ME

For the last few weeks I've been dieting, and I have managed to lose almost ten pounds. This all came to a sudden end today when I decided to eat at Cappza's Pizza on Waterville Commons Drive in Waterville Maine. Four pounds later I am happy to give you a report on the best pizza you can find in Central Maine. 

Simone and I decided to try and phone our order in so it would be ready when we arrived. This always makes me a little bit nervous because you don't want the order to sit around for to long , but you also don't want to arrive and have your order not even started yet. Neither was the case, upon our arrival, our pizza was just being taken from the oven, along with our Buffalo Wings appetizer. 

The Buffalo Wings at Cappza's are baked , not fried, which means they are healthy ! Not really, but they are still so good.  Tossed in a mild , buttery hot sauce, the wings are meaty and moist and are paired with your choice of Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing ( we had both, why limit ourselves !) But the wings are not why we came to a pizza place, we came for the pizza !

On the Table Napkin Holders there are signs boasting that Cappza's uses real ingredients. Real 100% Provolone Cheese, real Chicken, real Hamburger ! The reasons for going to Cappza's are endless so the napkin holders would have you believe. I am here to tell you that the napkin holders do not lie.

Simone and I had the BBQ Chicken Pizza and it really did taste fresh. The chicken was real, and shredded and delicious.  The pizza starts with a base of sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, then is topped with shredded provolone cheese ( not mozzarella- but better) and shredded BBQ chicken. Thankfully, you will find no red onions on this BBQ pizza as you do at most pizza places. ( Onions are a horrible way to kill a pizza experience). The fresh dough pizza was cooked perfect . The crust was golden and had those little pockets of air bubbles that make fresh dough pizza so good. Not thin crust, not thick crust, fresh dough is the best of both worlds and Cappza's does it right.  Simone and I finished half the pie and boxed up the rest before going home.

Cappza's also boasts having Maine's Best Whoopie pie as voted on by a bunch of people somewhere that love these things.  A whoopie pie , for those who don't know is basically two round pieces of Chocolate Cake with the frosting in the middle. A cake sandwich. The whoopie pies here are baked daily at Cappza's parent establishment, Al's Pizza, in nearby Skowhegan. We tried one with Peanut Butter filling, and although not the best I've had in Maine,  it was still very good.  Still, lets be honest , who cares ? It's all about the pizza ! And you can't go wrong here. I have also had the Hawaiian Pizza, and the classic Pepperoni and both are also excellent. I encourage anyone looking for good pizza to try Cappza's, you won't be disappointed. ****1/2 stars for Cappza's Pizza.

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