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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cancun- Waterville ME

For Simones birthday I asked her where she would like to go and eat- and then I took her to my favorite place in Waterville, Cancun Mexican Restaurant located on Silver Street. Luckily its one of her's also. From the moment you walk through the front door you are greeted with smiles from the staff led by the owner Hector.
 If you are lucky enough to be there on a Friday or Saturday night you will also be treated to a great Mariachi player who takes requests and plays everything from Shakira to that guy who sings Feliz Navidad.

We went on a Tuesday night and the place was  pretty busy but we were seated as soon as we arrived ( we have been there on other nights and had to wait 20-30 minutes but its always worth it). The waiter took our drink order and then quickly brought our basket of warm fresh fried tortilla chips and house made salsa. The salsa at Cancun is my favorite anywhere. It tastes fresh and is heavy in cilantro, its not chunky , but more of a  crushed tomato consistency and has a mild to medium heat ( depending on who made it that day). If you like it as much as i do then ask to bring some home- they  will load up as much as you want to go and its for less then you can buy it at the supermarket.

Just for the hell of it , Simone and I glanced at the menu for about thirty seconds and then went for our usual orders . Simone choose the Special Quesadilla ( perhaps named that because its especially good). The Quesadilla comes as a single or double order and is filled with Shredded Chicken, Refried Beans, Green Chili's, and Mexican cheese and is then grilled to a perfect crisp and served with shredded lettuce, a tomato slice with a side of Sour Cream and that green stuff that Simone calls Guacamole ( seriously, I have never met a Guacamole I have liked but she tells me this one is good).  Simone, the lightweight was only able to down half of her order.

I almost always order my favorite slow cooked beer and tequila marinated Pork Carnitas dinner , or if not that, I will order the Pork filled Burrito Roquetas . Tonight was Burrito night. The Burrito Roquetas come as a double order of soft shell tortillas stuffed very generously and then rolled with wickedly moist and tender shredded Carnita Pork. The tortillas are then drowned in a cheesy , Sour Cream Queso sauce and Green Tomato Sauce. On the side is a hearty portion of Refried Beans, Fresh Diced Pico De Gallo, and some of the best Mexican Fried Rice you will ever eat. If I ever feel the need to take somebody else's life ( and you know who you are) when I'm sitting on death row and they ask me what my final meal will be - I'm telling them Burrito Roquetas- with a side of Mexican Rice- with some Salsa and chips.

In case you have not figured it out yet, Cancun gets an easy five stars. In addition to the above meals I would also suggest trying out the Carne Asada, The Choriepollo, The Chimichangas and for Dessert the Chocochimi is a must.

This is great , authentic, Mexican Food produced by a kitchen that knows how to cook, and a staff that knows how to serve and is always having fun.  Thank you Hector for such a great place in Waterville. *****

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