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Sunday, October 17, 2010


The Wife has been talking about going to see some fine Irish men for years. Although i have always been a little concerned about this, i decided that this year i would finally let her. So I grabbed her Lucky Charms and off to New York New York Hotel and Casino we went .
The Nine Fine Irishmen Pub is always busy and the evening that we went was no exception. We did not have to wait for a table, however , when we got seated in the dimly lit dining room, we were greeted with a view of the restroom. This was not ideal, but at least with a complete 360 turn around of our necks we could see the stage where a great Irish folk band was rockin the Riverdance, and a sixty something year old midget in her leprechaun costume ( I'm not kidding) was burning up the dance floor.

I was looking forward to seeing a sexy Irish waitress straight from the country side come over to take our order, and i did not have to wait long. Although she probably had some country in her, the sexy and the Irish part seemed to be missing. So with a little disappointment in my voice I placed my order with Marlborough Lung Cancer Granny. I decided that after the leprechaun midget ,Irish folk band , restroom view seating and total lack of Irish tail that a strong drink was needed. I went with Gaelic Punch, it was loaded with a bunch of  Rum(s), and Midori and did the trick. Before long I was smiling like a kid that had just found a four leaf clover.

For the food, Simone and I started out with the Potato Basket. Although not the most adventurous of choices, you really can not go wrong with thick slices of deep fried potatoes. The potatoes were served with Red and Yellow curry sauces that were both very good. And the portion was large, consisting of at least a couple of good sized spuds.

For the entree Simone decided on The Herb Crusted Goat Cheese salad. Although (as discussed in previous blogs) salads are not an entree, I decided to keep my opinion to myself and let my wonderful wife enjoy her rabbit food. The salad consisted of Arugula with other mixed greens, oven dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, and a big heaping spoon full of goat cheese topped off with a Hazelnut Dressing.  Simone said it may have been the best salad EVER.  And she would know, she loves salad- as an ENTREE. For my tastes, I also found it to be very good and the goat cheese was excellent.
Next up was my choice, a real entree, the traditional Shepherds Pie. Now this was comfort food. No frills, just damn good and piping hot. Topped with a mashed potato crust it arrived in a mini cast iron pot and was filled with tender morsels of sirloin steak, not the ground up junk, but real chunks of good beef tips mixed with carrots, and onions in a thick and rich port wine gravy. The BEST EVER Shepherds Pie. No cream of corn, or any other gross stuff that mom used to put into it (sorry mom) .This was just a simple,  warm your insides on a snow filled night kinda meal. It was excellent. 

So ended our visit to Ireland. Although it started off a little scary, it ended great. Great Food, good drinks, good music and a lot of fun. Four Stars for the Nine Fine Irishmen.****

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