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Monday, June 13, 2011

Bombay-Mahal- Brunswick, Maine

So a few days ago Simone and I headed out for a weekend on the coast, and of course while on the coast we had to sample some of the fine cuisine that makes Maines coastal towns famous, Indian Food ! (Did you really think I was going to say Lobster ?).  We found a great place on Main Street in Brunswick. Bombay- Mahal is a no frills tasty Indian Eatery.

Simone and I visited late on a Friday night and had the place almost all to ourselves. When we arrived we were seated right away and the waiter asked us if we were familiar with Indian food. I let him know we were and then he told us about the evening specials. He was very happy to tell us that the eggplant was a house specialty. Now I'm almost as excited about eggplant as I am about seafood, so I respectively declined the eggplant dish. This was probably a bad idea because for the rest of the evening my waiter was almost somber in his mood. He went about serving us but was not real quick to smile or ask how our meal was or even if we wanted dessert.  However, my meal was delicious and possibly the best Indian food I have ever had.

                                                                                                                                                          Simone and I started out with the Bombay Appetizer Sampler. The platter had something for everyone- a Keema Samosa, which is ground lamb, shredded potato and green peas folded over in puff pastry and baked. This was very good and not to spicy.  Pappadam was a baked very thin craker which tasted like a Saltine but was good with condiments. Rikki Tikki Tavi was a fried round pastry pocket stuffed with spiced vegetables, this looked like it was over cooked but tasted better then it looked. The last (and I thought the best part of the platter) was the Chicken Pakoras with big chunks of Indian spiced chicken breaded with Chick Pea flour and deep fried. A nice ethnic twist on a chicken nugget. The platter came with  a very spicy fresh made mango chutney.  Simone enjoyed it but I, but I found it overpowering. It also came with a nice cooling yogurt Raita which was excellent, and a sweet tamarind sauce that was equally as good.

For our next course, Simone and I had the Peshwari Nan Bread. Nan Bread is an unleavened white flour bread that is similar to pita bread. This variety came stuffed with potatoes,pistachios and almonds and was drizzled with butter. It was heavenly, sweet, savory and sinful.

Simone and I finally made our way to the entree portion of our meal and decided to order the Moghalai Chicken with Briyani Rice. This is a dish consisting of boneless marinated chicken pieces sauteed in a creamy, silky, rich and smooth yogurt tomato and butter sauce then topped with almonds. This sauce was so good I could have just drank it.  I don't ever want to know how much butter went into it , but it was well worth the early heart condition that I will probably develop if I keep eating food like this.

Not that my heartbroken waiter actually asked us ,but Simone and I did not order any dessert as we were way to filled up on all the buttery goodness of our meal. I think if we are in town again we will look to return to Bombay-Mahal. The food was absolutely a 4.5- the service a 3. Overall... I give this Brunswick Indian eatery a happy 4 stars. 

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  1. I ate here just the other day. I really enjoyed what I got which was a Curry Chicken and a wonderful nan bread. Also I had a glass of the sweet mango lassi which was beyond delicious. I would love to go back next time I am in the Main St. area of Brunswick.

    -Diana Newmayer